Monitor post engagement and new feeds.

monitor multiple newsfeeds for each account

Create and monitor streams for any number of your social media accounts, and never miss an engagement again.

Stream Connectors

Connect a variety of social accounts with quick connect setups.

Multiple Stream Tabs

Add multiple stream tabs, so you can custom each one to different social platforms.

Monitor Competitiors Content

Spy on your competitors social content for reaserch.

Monitor Topics

Monitor relevant topics, so you are one step ahead.

Social & RSS Streams

Research competitors and topics to stay one setp ahead

Make sure your team is prepared and alert to relevant industry topics of discussion.

With this tool, your team is in the know with what your industry is discussing at all times. Information is the game these days, so the better equiped you adn your team are the better.

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Discover the feeling of high content delivery, increased productivity and limitless creativity

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