Create custom social chatbots.

create custom chatbots

Create custom bot replies that are based on keywords that start the conversation off.


Increase customer engagement rates with custom chatbots

Facebook Page

Connect the chatbot to various Facebook pages


Review and keep track of your social media subscribers

History & Audit logs

Review previous conversations and bot reply performance

Chatbot Replies

Improve customer engagement rates

Build custom chatbot replies for your Facebook conversations, to build better relationships with your audience.

Connect all your Facebook accounts to the chatbot, so you can create custom replies to their queries or help provide automated answers to issues they may be having.

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Audit logs

Audit Logs

Better visibility of conversations and bot replies

Optimise your conversations by better understadning what has worked well previsouly

Audit logs allow you and your team to better understand where issues may lay or where success is originating from. It provides total replies, subscribers and facebook pages connected and quick reply keyword popularity for better performance optimising.

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Discover the feeling of high content delivery, increased productivity and limitless creativity

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